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Fine Country Singapore

Fine Country Singapore

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Many people know Singapore as it is a clean country.

It is a popular travel destination in Southeast Asia for lots of Vietnamese people.

The size of Singapore is about 715 sq km.

Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam has the size of 2.095 sq km.

The population of Singapore is around 5.312 million.

There are different types of people live in Singapore.

Most of the people are Chinese.

Some are Malaysian and Indian.

Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate.

That means, it is hot and humid with a lot of rain.

The temperature during the day time is around 30 degrees.

Even at night, it is about 21-23 degrees.

Therefore, if doesn't rain in rainy seasons, it becomes a problem.

You can imagine that rain is very important for water.

Why is the country so clean?

There are laws.

If you smoke in a non-smoking area, the fine is 1000SGD.

If you eat or drink in a public transportation like subway, the fine is 500 SGD.

One of the laws even says no durians in certain places.

A durian is a fruit and it has strong smell.

If you are a fan of historical sightseeing places or gorgeous nature spots, Singapore is not quite a right place for you.

However, if you enjoy shopping, eating delicious Asian food, and experiencing various ethnic cultures, it will be your best vacation.

Speak some English, but which one?

Speak some English, but which one?

English is the third most widely spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

In Vietnam most students learn British English.

American English is the next most common.

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Not an even playing field

Not an even playing field

The NBA has been rocked by the racist comments of Los Angeles Clippers' owner Donald Sterling.

The 80-year-old married billionaire was recorded telling his mixed-race girlfriend not to publicise her friendships with African Americans on social networking sites.

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